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I’m a Professional Model with big name modeling contracts under my belt who one day changed direction on the way to a casting and discovered a whole new world from which I haven’t looked back. I’m now exploring being a Professional Dominatrix working in

London UK & Manhattan New York 

I’m a born British citizen raised in the Royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea in the U.K. I have the British monarchy as neighbours. I am well travelled and well educated. I have a love for art, fine dining, cinematic masterpieces and epic fun. I travel between the United States and London so booking ahead is always advised.

Unusually I don’t drink alcohol, purely for taste and health reasons and I have found that this increases the intensity of the sessions I’m able to provide. I’m available by appointment only so be sure when booking that you are able to keep the appointment. Not showing up takes away the time slot from someone else who will.

I’m a naturally dominant person so being a Dominatrix was always a viable option and unwittingly I’ve been honing my skills for as long as I can remember allowing the scene to open up to me piece by piece.

After visiting the United States I became Introduced to the scene and decided to delve into the role of being a Mistress to meet those seeking to fulfil their desires and explore themselves, of course during session only. I know very well how much I love being a Pro Dominatrix and I’ve given myself the opportunity to over time practise my skills and bring them to a standard that allows those who spend time with me to really enjoy the sessions I provide.

I believe that there are distinct differences between the types of sessions one may have.  I know that there are several ways to heighten the experience and make it truly perfect.  I believe that once both parties have gone over the scenario of what is expected, wanted and the intricate details of what is the perfect experience or achievement of the client then a session should be tailored around that persons wishes with me adding my own unique twist to create a one of a kind session.

However once the session details have been agreed upon and the session has started then any additional options that develop during the session should be worked into future sessions and not added into an already agreed upon scenario. I know it can be difficult for you but it is a requirement.

It’s advisable that you as the client take mental notes and then email them to me after the session as feedback to be used to develop further sessions  into more and more fun.

For those new to BDSM please don’t worry as I offer many different levels of domination including but not limited to beginner-mild domination and training.


I’m a fun mistress who can not be cruel. I prefer the natural demeanour of mixing mild domination with Discipline. My main area that I like to focus on most is cross dressing male to female and make up application.

I do not do sadomasochism!!!

Clients do usually have to become partially or fully naked depending on the details of the session and I’m never fully naked.  This is not to say that clients may also be fully clothed, again depending on the details of the session.

We’ll discuss the session beforehand to make sure we’re on the same page and trust me I pay attention.  If you’re thinking of experimenting or trying something again or even just continuing what you already know then don’t hesitate to contact me as this is what I truly love to do and who I enjoy being so our experience will be one of lifes many pleasures.

There is no sexual intercourse in our sessions I am often asked if you can masturbate at the end of a session personally I feel that this spoils the session. It is only allowed if this is something that I feel will enhance your experience but only if I feel this way. Remember it would be you masturbating, I’m fully clothed and do not masturbate.

The responsibility to keep our session on track for the duration of our experience is mine and I will make sure to do so in what ever way I feel is needed to ensure you are getting what you want as I have understood it. Again take mental notes and email me feedback after the session so that I know how things are developing for you. This is just a way of ensuring that you get the most out of future sessions with me.

I’m glad that you have decided to throughly read my profile and if you’re willing to join in then I’m happy to have you to stop by :)

 By the way it’s free to read 😉

 Mistress Katarina xxx

email: mistress@londonmistresskatarina.co.uk

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