Important Note:

I’m currently based in New York and will be returning to London at a later date to see my loyal submissives. If you are new and would like to see me in either city please go ahead and contact me via my websites email letting me know which city you are in and when you’d like to session with me. I will list the dates of my London return within 2/3 weeks of my arrival there. 

New York City: Now

Where am I located and where will I go:

I’m happy for you to visit me in my very private and discrete location be that at my domestic location or a dungeon.  There are many possibilities for our experience so really it depends on if your looking to visit me or have me visit you at your Hotel or another Dungeon.  Should you not be sure then I’m sure we can discuss and come up with the best possible scenario for us both.


london-mistress-katarina15.jpgI am located currently in New York City where you will be able to find me quite easily if you know where to look. There are many dungeons around the city which are perfect for sessioning in but I have my favourite which I will share with you when you confirm your booking and pass my screening process.

CZV4mNAWcAE0RlB                                                   Out Calls

I consider outcalls to be to a well known New York Hotel. Relevant fees are included in the out call rate.  Some locations may be additional so please ask if you think your far from Manhattan.  Please keep in mind I don’t visit private residences until I’ve gotten to know you over several sessions and even then it’ll only be if I feel comfortable with where I’ll be going and feel safe being there.