Fabulous Submissives

In a relatively short time, I’ve been truely impressed with the submissives I have met in passing and during sessions. As I meet many people you may be wondering how I can tell. My well trained sense of intuition can recognize those who are submissive and interested in BDSM in passing and the others book BDSM sessions by requesting BDSM sessions. I’m certainly not one to assume that everyone is a submissive waiting to happen nor do I want that. I am writing this post as I would like to let the submissives who matter know that I am very proud of their behavioral improvements, observance of the rules of servitude and observance of the other events of great importance. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and being nice to you every once in a while is something I enjoy to do.

📣 Have a wonderfilled Martin Luther King Jr Day 📡

Session Requests

Just a brief reminder that whilst I am flexible in the types of sessions I provide I’m definitely not a catch all solution. For example I do not generally provide suspension with the use of equipment. My specialities are crossdressing on males as well as spanking, caning & Discipline. 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope 2017 will be a fabulous year for us all filled with great memories and joyful events and that sorrows will be minimal if at all.

Contact me if you are in London or New York and let’s arrange a suitable time to enjoy a fabulous bespoke experience for you. 🎉

Breath Play

Breath play is not a service that I offer my clients and as I’m not a switch I don’t give consent for this to be performed on me. 

For those who are unaware a switch is a dominant who also plays the role of a submissive. I’m very clear cut about the roles I play and the settings I provide. In BD I’m a dominant and nothing else. Outside of BD I’m just a normal person getting on with everyday activities.

All boundaries and session limitations are discussed beforehand along with any questions you may have, however should we meet and these points have not been covered then they will be before any BD session ensues. 

Happy Holidays for this weekend 🎄

Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism

So that I continue to attract like minded people to this part of my life I feel it’s important to clarify the parts of BDSM that I do enjoy and the parts I do not enjoy and therefore do not do. 

Bondage – I like tying people up who enjoy being tied up. There are a multitude of ways to restrain a person and a multitude of materials that can be used. When using materials I like soft comfortable materials so leather cuffs instead of metal ones. Soft ropes instead of industrial ropes and so on. The longer a person stays tied up the more submission they feel and the more essential stretching is afterwards.

Discipline – The school mistress and naughty student, remember this is completely non sexual. Caning falls into this category along with the firm discipline in the form of instructions and questioning. Setting a scenario and administering mild punishments including but not limited to corner time. These I enjoy also.

Sadism – I do not enjoy. I do not like hurting people emotionally, psychologically or physically. This is a no for me. Aside from caning I do not administer pain.

Masochism – I do not enjoy receiving any type of pain, emotional, psychological or physical. I’m happy to cane a person who enjoys caning but nothing else.

Crossdressing – I absolutely love to play the role of tailor or costume fitter and make up artist getting my stage stars ready to dazzle. Although I’m not sure where in BDSM this fits. Maybe it’s just so fabulous every scene wants a piece.