Session Reminder

A reminder to outline that I offer sensual domination inclusive of bondage and cross dress male to female only. I have a selection of adult toys for you to play with on yourselves as well as being able to offer safe mummification which I see as a form of bondage. Sounding kits are also available for enjoyment purposes.

British Ecomony

After the shakeup of the Brexit referendum great news is now. The work of the triggering of Article 50 will be quite laborious however the economy will benefit greatly!!!! The Great British economy will outstrip the economies of Germany, France and other European lands consistently and steadily over the next 30 years. Decision making is now firmly with Westminster and the future really is glowing with success!!!!

🎊Hoooraaaa!!!!! 🎊

Fred Korematsu Birthday 🎈

Fred Korematsu birthday is today!!!!

He was a civil rights activist legally fighting against the mass removal of Japanese Americans resulting in a landmark Supreme Court case concerning wartime civil liberties.

Learn about Fred Korematsu’s work here

His quote for today is:

If you feel something is wrong don’t be afraid to speak up.

I agree with Fred, have a wonderful day expressing your voices 😉

Fabulous Submissives

In a relatively short time, I’ve been truely impressed with the submissives I have met in passing and during sessions. As I meet many people you may be wondering how I can tell. My well trained sense of intuition can recognize those who are submissive and interested in BDSM in passing and the others book BDSM sessions by requesting BDSM sessions. I’m certainly not one to assume that everyone is a submissive waiting to happen nor do I want that. I am writing this post as I would like to let the submissives who matter know that I am very proud of their behavioral improvements, observance of the rules of servitude and observance of the other events of great importance. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and being nice to you every once in a while is something I enjoy to do.

📣 Have a wonderfilled Martin Luther King Jr Day 📡

Session Requests

Just a brief reminder that whilst I am flexible in the types of sessions I provide I’m definitely not a catch all solution. For example I do not generally provide suspension with the use of equipment. My specialities are crossdressing on males as well as spanking, caning & Discipline.