Current Submissives

I’m greatly looking forward to the sessions that have been planned and are coming up in the near future. The more involved you are with your process, the easier and more fluid our precious time together will be. I really want each of you to get the most out of your individual sessions which will be tailored to your personal needs. Our sessions are completely private between yourself and myself and no details are passed on by me to any third party. Thank you for being as open and honest as you have so far, this will only help you get the most out of your experience.


Submissives are encouraged to explore dungeons for BDSM experiences. Depending on your level of experience a dungeon, as long as it’s clean, can really help set the scene with multiple visuals. There are dungeons all over the world, so wherever you are, take a look for a dungeon local to you or find one located in your next holiday destination to add some excitement to your vacation.

Session Reminder

A reminder to outline that I offer sensual domination inclusive of bondage and cross dress male to female only. I have a selection of adult toys for you to play with on yourselves as well as being able to offer safe mummification which I see as a form of bondage. Sounding kits are also available for enjoyment purposes.

British Ecomony

After the shakeup of the Brexit referendum great news is now. The work of the triggering of Article 50 will be quite laborious however the economy will benefit greatly!!!! The Great British economy will outstrip the economies of Germany, France and other European lands consistently and steadily over the next 30 years. Decision making is now firmly with Westminster and the future really is glowing with success!!!!

🎊Hoooraaaa!!!!! 🎊