Enjoy your break and if you are studying for the exams I hope it goes
really well. Below are a few words that show what I think of you
compared to others. If you want to use this anywhere you have my

kind regards,



_Over the past 30+ years, I have had the pleasure (or otherwise) of
submitting to over 50 different Mistresses. Mistress Katarina is the
best Mistress that I have met. Her communication via email, test message
and telephone is exemplary. Her preparation is first class and she does
not have to be reminded of anything just before a session begins. In
session, she reacts to situations brilliantly and will deviate from her
planned session without hesitation to ensure that we both gain the
maximum enjoyment. Mistress Katarina is innovative and enthusiastic and
clearly enjoys what she does. Mistress may be less experienced than many
other Mistresses but she has learned very quickly and will become one of
the World’s most sought after Dominatrices. Over 20 years ago I had an
horrific CP experience from which I did not recover from mentally.
Mistress Katarina was well aware of this before our first session and
took a massive risk by starting out with CP. Amazingly I enjoyed it and
she instantly won my total trust, respect and admiration. This wonderful
lady deserves all the success and acolades that comes her way. _

Testimonial of a Sub


Thank you so much for today, totally speechless, wow, thanks. And thanks for taking out time of your Sunday. Hopefully see you soon

Testimonial of a Sub


Katarina is a great communicator and an even better Mistress. She did everything I asked for and her profile photos don’t do her justice. Great session!

Testimonial of a Sub


Mistress Katarina, thank you very much for a really fantastic session. You are really a stunning Mistress. I really appreciated the way you chatted beforehand to find out my real interests. And then you ensured that they were fully enacted…..you read my mind… you even captured my unspoken thoughts !!!!!! I was on high for a considerable time after my visit. Thank you again.”

Testimonial of Sub


Saw mistress Katarina today she was amazingly beautiful and session was awesome thanks v.much


Thank you so much for yesterday.

You are extraordinary . You created a warm, relaxed but highly charged
atmosphere . You are stunningly beautiful with an incredible body .
You are super intelligent and articulate and passionate about what you
do. You indulged me , teased me and subtly pushed my limits. All in
all that is exactly what I wanted.

Lying strapped to your bed with hot wax painted on my balls, my
nipples clamped, a dildo deep in my arse and your beautiful pussy
sitting on my face is a memory I will always treasure.

This afternoon I got a great thrill from making love to my partner
while I could still feel your work on my throbbing nipples and sore

Next time can’t come soon enough.

Highly recommended .

Yours in respect and admiration

Feel free to use this anonymously as a review . In fact seeing it on
your website will give me yet more of a thrill.

“Thank you very much Mistress for a fantastic session and for looking stunning for your sub. The pre session communication was excellent and it was clear that you were intent on finding out my main interests and limits to ensure that the session was to be enjoyed by both of us. You took control of me and I was in another world. It was a wonderful session with a wonderful Mistress. I will be back.”

On both occasions I have met mistress Katarina she has looked amazing in the outfits she wore.

Physical 10/10

Mistress Katarina is a simply gorgeous queen of a woman and her pics don’t do her justice

Personality 10/10

A great and warm personality making me feel at ease (from our email conversation to our meet she is a very genuine person). A great personality to match her looks

Services 10/10

I have been lucky enough to session with mistress Katarina in a domestic and dungeon setting and I honestly say both were fantastic. She took into account all of my ideas and put her spin on them to further enhance my time with her x I really did feel that we both enjoyed our time together 😊

I will be back for more of her punishments!

Positive – A fabulous time with a very hot lady, who made me feel totally relaxed. Well recommended!!

Physical    Score: 10/10

All of Mistress Katarina’s photos on here are genuine. She is a very sexy lady, and met me dressed in some gorgeous lingerie.

Personality    Score: 10/10

I was quite shy and nervous, as I’d not visited Mistress before, but Mistress Katarina brought me totally out of my shell within minutes of arriving!
She is incredibly outgoing, able to explain exactly what she wanted, so that we could get a great video of our time together, and very intelligent.

Services    Score: 10/10

I’d had an in-depth email conversation with Mistress Katarina beforehand, and she had clearly listened to everything that I wanted / enjoyed doing.
Positive – Mistress Katarina is absolutely charming. Fabulous body, great sex and excellent conversation. What more could you ask for.

Mistress Katarina’s photos are very accurate and there are lots of them on her profile to give a very good impression of her both posed and natural.
I hadn’t asked for a specific outfit but Kat looked great in a gorgeous bra and briefs set covered with a black sheer short dressing gown.

Physical    Score: 10/10

Personality    Score: 10/10

Mistress Katarina is a charming, educated and eloquent host.

She is not shy but neither is she pushy.
She let me lead when I wanted to and guided me when I didn’t.

Services    Score: 10/10

I went for some fantasy scenarios I had been interested in for some time including strap-on.
Positive – An absolute expert, well worth a visit!

Physical    Score: 9/10

Very sexy girl, wore a long lacy dress which was a first for me, cascading over over my head when she sat on my face
Given this was a mild dom session (not so mild in some respects), it added an edge that MIstress Katarina never took her dress off the whole time. She just hitched it up, rode my face, pulled it to one side to put on the strapon and fucked me, then just let it fall back into place after we’d finished and got on with whatever she’d been doing before I arrived. How sexy is that!?

Personality    Score: 9/10

Very friendly, took control, edgy

Services    Score: 10/10

Facesitting and strapon
I don’t know how to describe this is more detail as requested. It is what it is
Positive – Great session with Mistress Katarina. I loved very minute of it and hope to meet again soon!

Physical    Score: 10/10

Mistress Katarina is a very sexy lady. She is tall (even taller with the platform high heels she was wearing!), slim, with nice curves where it matters. Her pictures are accurate although I think she is better looking in real life (sorry for the cliché, but it is the truth!). Mistress Katarina was dressed as I had suggested, with a tight latex dress and platform high heel shoes that would send any shoe fetishist to heaven!

Personality    Score: 10/10

Mistress Katarina is a friendly, outgoing lady who put me at ease straight away. We had a very interesting discussion at the end of the session on serious matters, which showed that she is much more than just the services I sought.

Services    Score: 10/10

I wanted a role play where I would be dominated by Mistress Katarina. She delivered expertly. What I really liked was the fact that she had read the email I had sent her with my likes before the session and tried to tick all the right boxes (She did!!!!).
Positive – Excellent hour and I would highly recommend a booking. Thank you again Katarina xxx

Physical    Score: 9/10

On arrival Mistress Katarina was how you would expect looking sexy and elegant, her pictures do not do her justice.

Personality    Score: 10/10

Mistress Katarinas personality was cool and calming this is someone that actually knows what she is doing. It helps that you have a brief chat at the beginning discussing how you would like the hour to be. I would highly recommend a massage to start of with

Services    Score: 10/10

The services that I had were Domination with a twist and everything that is on the profile is what you will get.
Positive – A very special lady – a truly memorable and enjoyable experience

Physical    Score: 10/10

Her profile is entirely accurate both as to pictures and words. Read and look carefully and you will have a very good idea of what Mistress Katarina is like

Personality    Score: 10/10

Intelligent, friendly, totally self-assured – someone I would love to see as a friend as well as an escort – there are few higher compliments I can offer than this.

Services    Score: 10/10

Entirely consistent with her very detailed profile but with a difficult to define special quality.


By    Feedback Date    Rating    Role                

filthypiggyslut (1)    24/10/2015 16:10    Positive    Seeking Services            
A fabulous time with a very hot lady, who made me feel totally relaxed. Well recommended!!

b1gpants (9)    18/10/2015 18:59    Positive    Seeking Services            
Excellent communication as always and a pleasure to spend time with hope to see her again.

ravz (30)    17/10/2015 16:19    Positive    Seeking Services            
A beautiful goddess as always – thank you

hertsboy67 (46)    14/10/2015 22:04    Positve    Seeking Services            
Unfortunately I had to cancel at short notice, I was gutted and am very sorry to have wasted your time Katarina

Eshington (5)    12/10/2015 22:04    Positive    Seeking Services            
Very sexy lady, kind, clean, and considerate. Would definitely see again!

vichugobi (2)    07/10/2015 16:16    Positive    Seeking Services            
Enjoyed the session

Strapittome (38)    03/10/2015 12:12    Positive    Seeking Services            
An absolute expert, well worth a visit!

ravz (30)    10/09/2015 21:21    Positive    Seeking Services            
Absolute bliss – Thank you so much.

ravz (30)    29/08/2015 19:48    Positive    Seeking Services            
Simply perfect. Thank you so much for a lovely session. Hope to see you soon

CowboySean29 (14)    23/07/2015 15:28    Positive    Seeking Services            
An amazing time with an exotic lady, incredible  skills! Thank you so much for a great time! xXx

pjxjs (21)    14/07/2015 16:54    Positive    Seeking Services            
Gorgeous, intelligent insatiable lover she’s tender, funny and ferocious, Her killer smile alone is worth a visit. Bliss xx

ggdd69 (1)    09/07/2015 17:22    Positive    Seeking Services

Beautiful, sexy lady. Great to meet and looking forward to next time!

slutanna (13)    06/07/2015 15:50    Positive    Seeking Services            
Great second session with a sexy and kinky lady. 10 out of 10 once again. A thousand thanks!

the_seeker1 (18)    30/06/2015 15:10    Positive    Seeking Services            
A wonderful time with Katarina as ever – she is a ray of sunshine!

dieseldogsm (38)    29/06/2015 05:48    Positive    Seeking Services            
Lovely lady. Super smart and uninhibited.xx just a great person to explore with.

dcijah (1)    19/05/2015 09:53    Positive    Seeking Services            
Amazing, I was blown away and gutted I couldn’t stay longer!

horney hen (13)    09/05/2015 10:55    Positive    Seeking Services            

slutanna (13)    08/05/2015 20:50    Positive    Seeking Services            
Great session with Mistress Katarina. I loved very minute of it and hope to meet again soon!

lara-j (105)    07/05/2015 17:22    Positive    Seeking Services            

Jackson59 (40)    05/05/2015 16:58    Positive    Seeking Services            
Exotic indeed! Gorgeous, friendly, smoking hot body and amazing       skills. Our meeting was relaxed yet intense – perfectly combined. FIVE STARS :)

Beerbelly (63)    04/05/2015 20:25    Positive    Seeking Services            
Cracking find and highly recommended, Beyond great Mistress

jake.123 (2)    04/05/2015 03:23    Positive    Seeking Services            
Great time

stifmyster89 (6)    02/05/2015 10:56    Positive    Seeking Services            
She was sooo good, that I went back for Round Two 24hours later

stifmyster89 (6)    01/05/2015 15:13    Positive    Seeking Services            
Wowww, a great and friendly lady who provides an excellent and exciting  experience 😉 not forgetting, she also has a beautiful body xxx

MacD519 (14)    30/04/2015 18:18    Positive    Seeking Services            
Fantastic. Thank you xx

Marcus197 (49)    29/04/2015 09:09    Positive    Seeking Services            
Can’t believe I left It so long for my 2nd visit to Katarina. Such a sexy girl and eager to please! I had an amazing time xxx

therubes (157)    21/04/2015 15:26    Positive    Seeking Services            
Mistress Katarina was Fantastic. Do not miss out lads!!

figtbz (21)    19/04/2015 12:47    Positive    Seeking Services            
Amazing and so friendly – will certainly be back!

nitelife (140)    18/04/2015 13:25    Positive    Seeking Services            
I’m sorry I had to cancel and for any inconvenience it may have caused I promise I’ll make it up to you

newtale (9)    17/04/2015 20:21    Positive    Seeking Services            
Everything you could possibly imagine and more, Amazingly seductive and yet can put you right at ease.

terrier222 (55)    12/04/2015 14:03    Positive    Seeking Services            
A very special lady – a truly memorable and enjoyable experience

ShepherdsBushMan (23)    07/04/2015 04:02    Positive    Seeking Services            
Superb meeting – Katarina is impeccable in every way

Lonely Businessman (26)    02/04/2015 10:12    Positive    Seeking Services            
a pleasant evening. was fun

djacb2 (29)    31/03/2015 19:52    Positive    Seeking Services            
Great – thanks

Samantha1974 (18)    31/03/2015 14:04    Positive    Seeking Services            
Thank u. received item quickly

sissy314 (384)    30/03/2015 01:51    Positive    Seeking Services            
perfecto very well worn like you did say but only negative point was they are not smelly enough, but thankyou so much

sw1tchable (9)    26/03/2015 23:43    Positive    Seeking Services            
excellent in everyway – i can’t wait until you return Miss x

FunWithFriends (6)    24/03/2015 21:53    Positive    Seeking Services            
Sexy, amazing at role-play and was able to read the moment

murph81 (9)    14/03/2015 19:40    Positive    Seeking Services            
Welcoming, sensual and very, very hot – I had a great time with Katarina, would definitely recommend

Nigel S (11)    11/03/2015 18:26    Positive    Seeking Services            
Great afternoon spent with a gorgeous girl who took me to different levels!! Amazing skills and lovely with it!! I will be back. Xx

parisian (7)    11/03/2015 05:51    Positive    Seeking Services            
Great gfe

Davmar (6)    10/03/2015 17:19    Positive    Seeking Services            
A wonderful time. K is staggeringly pretty and has, to my mind, the perfect body. As importantly, she is friendly and welcoming. Totally recommended.

alfonso/fr (1)    04/03/2015 01:09    Positive    Seeking Services            
Thanks Katie for this great time. Can’t wait to see you again!

VIP-KINKY-LILLY (115)    13/02/2015 09:19    Positive    Seeking Services            
Thank you for the cock cage :) Great item. I keep looking at your sales. Very quick delivery. Thanks!! Lilly xx

anglebox (10)    10/02/2015 18:07    Positive    Seeking Services            
Katarina is absolutely charming. Fabulous body, great skills and excellent conversation. What more could you ask for.

emz2013 (2)    06/02/2015 02:47    Positive    Seeking Services            
One hour at her place, lovely lady, manners, listens, and NO rush!…Very nice lady. Go see her!

tonicwater (21)    05/02/2015 22:59    Positive    Seeking Services            
Simply Sensational …Red Hot Latex – passionate, erotic encounter; adrift an electric charged fog,

The tongue governor (15)    31/01/2015 01:18    Positive    Seeking Services            
a sexual goddess. a body to die and a pretty face . loved every second.

ShepherdsBushMan (23)    21/01/2015 21:57    Positive    Seeking Services            
Fantastic meeting with fantastic woman – thanks

mrT15 (10)    16/01/2015 00:59    Positive    Seeking Services            
stunner ! great from start to finish then to finish again !

jimporter1056 (152)    13/01/2015 07:52    Positive    Seeking Services            
So friendly, sexy and good looking (not to mention submissive)

drbob65 (273)    04/01/2015 17:58    Positive    Seeking Services            
superb lady, winked fun

joncarl (54)    02/01/2015 17:28    Positive    Seeking Services            
As usual a lovely hour with a lovely lady.