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As frustrating as some of you may find this the fee for my services is available only after the parameters of our session have been agreed upon due in part to market fluctuations

I do also offer outcalls where I am happy to come to you. If it is our first meeting I will only meet you in a hotel however I will meet you in your apartment or home if we have met on a previous occasion. For me to come to you incurs an additional charge for transportation dependent on distance, in addition to my tribute.
Below is the required tribute for meetings.

Sessions vary in length and can be booked for anywhere from 1 hour to a full day. The charge for each session will vary dependent on location, session content and length. It is best to email outlining your session expectations and particular fetishes to receive an accurate quote.

***Services Available in
Dungeons around London***


Using something rough (such as sandpaper).


The time after a BDSM scene or play session in which the participants calm down, discuss the previous events and their personal reactions to them, and slowly come back in touch with reality. BDSM often involves an endorphin high and very intense experience, and failure to engage in proper aftercare can lead to subdrop as these return to more everyday levels.


Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism: a combined acronym often used as a catchall for anything in the kink scene.

Ball Busting

Tieing and spanking of the balls, feel free to bring your own humbler for added effect


The beating of the soles of the feet until tender or until the limit is reached


Acts involving the physical restraint of a partner. Bondage typically refers to total restraint, however it can be limited to a particular body part, such as cock & ball bondage.

Boot Fetish

Lovingly adore and worship your mistresses boots, licking and sucking the heels and soles

Cage Confinement
Experience the confines of my bespoke cage where you will be unable to move freely and locked away for amusement

Candle wax torture

Feel the hot wax drip over your private body parts

Cock and ball torture (CBT):

Torture of the male genitals for sexual gratification.


Submissive or slave who is owned, usually (but certainly not exclusively) in a loving style relationship. A dominant may have multiple persons collared.

Consensual Play Only

A mutual agreement that within defined limits, consent will be given as read without foreknowledge of the exact actions planned. As such, it is a show of trust and understanding and usually undertaken only by partners who know each other well, or otherwise agree to set clear safe limits on their activities.


Mutual agreement to the terms of a scene or ongoing BDSM relationship.


A written-out agreement, usually in the form of a confidential email, between the dominant & submissive. It can be either formal or non, and is usually written after much negotiation by the dominant and the sub, outlining what structure, guidelines, rules and boundaries to the relationship are agreed upon by the two. It is not legally binding.

Corporal punishment

Get flogged, whipped or caned for as long as you can. Test your limits


Experience my brand new crop and the strength of my stroke


Woman who exercises control (see also Dominatrix). Often associated with a particular brand of traditional femininity; many younger female dominants prefer to use the nongendered terms dom/dominant.


Dominance/submission: play or relationships that involve an erotic power exchange. Remember Mistress Katarina is dominant by nature and never plays a submissive role

Endorphin rush:

Endorphins are the chemicals responsible for the “high” people often get from activities such as sex, or high-risk sports, and is the body’s response to heightened or intense experiences of certain kinds. BDSM activities, especially those incorporating a degree of sensation play often cultivate the endorphin rush as part of their “payoff” to the sub. But also see aftercare for the care needed to ensure that subdrop does not occur afterwards as the body returns to normal.

Erotic sexual denial:

Keeping another person aroused while delaying or preventing resolution of the feelings, to keep them in a continual state of anticipatory tension and inner conflict, and heightened sensitivity.

Erotic spanking:

The act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties.


A specific obsession or delight in one object or experience.

Foot Fetish

Massage and caress your mistresses pedicured feet

Gags & Hoods

Enjoy the sensory deprivation that these pieces of equipment provides

Good pain (1):

Good pain and bad pain are terms used lightheartedly by BDSM practitioners, signifying that whilst BDSM may include an element (often quite pronounced) of consensual pain, there is a purpose to it, and some pain is consented to and accepted whilst other pain is not. “Good pain” is therefore pain that is mutually agreed, desired or permitted by the submissive partner to be experienced, and seen by them as of enjoyment or value.

Good pain (2):

Good pain and bad pain refer to perception of pain as pleasant vs. unpleasant. Sensations that non-practitioners imagine to be painful are instead perceived and described by BDSM practitioners as pleasurable or a good form of pain, in much the way that muscles after a workout at the gym may be sore, but in a good way. The transition of perception from “bad pain” to “good pain” may require a warm up beforehand.

Hard limits:

What someone absolutely will not do; non-negotiable. (As opposed to “soft limits.”).


A group of subs serving one or more dominants.


To tie up a submissive’s wrists and ankles, fastening them together behind their back using physical restraints such as rope or cuffs.

Small dick humiliation, cockolding, verbal humiliation any and everything aside from religious, rasict, sexist and homophobic


Ball kicking & controlled body shots


Weekly spankings to cover the little things that might have been missed, remind the submissive to behave.


Pamper your mistress with full body massages


Enjoy your medical examination in a fully kitted medical room (requires additional hire fee) with Nurse Katarina


A consensual relationship in which one person receives control (the Mistress) when given it by another (the slave) for mutual benefit. An extreme form ofD/s which usually involves a 24/7 relationship rather than a short period of time (scene or perhaps a week end.) The slave will usually accept a collar from their Mistress to show that they are owned.


Immobilising the body by wrapping it up, usually with multiple layers of tight thin plastic sheeting. Breathing and other safety measures must be appropriately taken care of, often by leaving the face (or at least the mouth and nose) open. Body temperature (maintained to an extent by movement) may also be affected so a warm environment and warm aftercare may be important. Mummification is often used to enhance a feeling of total bodily helplessness, and incorporated with sensation play.

Nipple torture

Biting, bullclips, pinching and pulling


Human sushi platters.


Over the knee (spanking).


Receiving a person who enjoys receiving a heavy degree of pain but may or may not necessarily enjoy submitting.


Female professional dominant (charges money).


Risk Aware Consensual Kink.


Cuffs and scarves used to tie to yourself or special bondage furniture

Role play

Headmistress punishes whilst secretary humiliates, just a couple of ideas of what’s possible

Rubber hoods

Join me in the dungeon where there are so many hoods in rubber and leather, a true hood haven


The act of inflicting pain

Safe, sane and consensual – (SSC)

A credo used by some BDSM practitioners to determine the appropriateness of BDSM play.

Safeword –

A codeword a bottom can use to force BDSM activity to stop – used especially in scenes which may involve consensual force.


A time period of BDSM activities. Also used to refer to the BDSM community (“the Scene”).

Sensation play:

BDSM play where the intent is to push people’s sensory limits, thus exploring texture, sensory deprival, through to whips, flagellation and edge play.

Sensory deprivation
Tied, blindfolded with your ears plugged. Not able to sense anything at all for prolonged time periods

Sissy training

Get dressed up and let’s get your make on, transform into your inner female

Slave training

Learn to please your mistress by completing tasks and errands


Get you bottom spanked till its red for being so naughty and having such naughty thoughts

Service-oriented submission

A person who enjoys performing a service in a BDSM environment.


A person (usually submissive) who consensually gives up total control of one or more aspects of their life to another person (their Master).

Soft Limits:

Something that someone is hesitant to do or nervous to try. They can sometimes be talked into the activity, or preferably it may be negotiated at a trial or beginner level into a scene.

Submissive: or “sub” for short.

Person that gives up control either all the time or for a specified period (Not to be confused with “bottom” or “slave.”).
Subspace: A “natural high” that a sub (or bottom) gets during a scene or when being controlled. The sub may feel disconnected from time, space, and/or their body, and may have limited ability to communicate. It is critical that a Dom(me)/top take responsibility for the sub/bottom and be aware of their sub’s well being if they are in subspace.

Tie and Tease
Be tied up and teased mercilessly

Tease and denial:

Keeping another person aroused while delaying or preventing resolution of the feelings, to keep them in a continual state of anticipatory tension and inner conflict, and heightened sensitivity. (see also orgasm denial).

Tit / Breast torture:

The act of causing deliberate physical pain to the breasts and nipples.


The Next Generation. A tag commonly used by groups and organizations which cater to younger people involved in BDSM, typically ages 25–35. All sessions are paid for and within consented and agreed to times and locations.


Person “doing the action” (contrast with bottom – person receiving the action.) Not to be confused with Dom which is the person who “puts the scene together”.


Either referring to a short period of time (a scene) or an ongoing effort of the dominant teaching the submissive how to act. Warm up: The period at a beginning of a BDSM scene which involves gentle play, allowing the bottom to begin endorphin production, enter subspace, and undergo physiological changes (such as bringing fluids to the surface before impact play) that will accommodate more intense play. I personally expect you to have some understanding of what you would like to make sure that the session goes smoothly.

Take the weight of my body walking over you in my bare feet or even my high heels if you’re really lucky


Someone who is not into BDSM. Alternatively, sexual behaviour which does not encompass BDSM activity only with those whom I’ve previously met before. The term is not used by me in a derogatory sense.


Be brought to the edge with a super powerful vibrator that will leave you shaking at the knees

Wax play:

The top drips hot wax on the bottom.


Services Available Only at a Dungeon


Usually referring to a room or area with BDSM equipment and play space.


The practice of using electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body using a power source (such as a TENS, EMS, Violet wand, or made-for-play units) for purposes of sexual stimulation, body modification, tickling, or torture.


Torture of the genitals.

Play party:

A BDSM event involving many people engaging in scenes.


***Distance Sessions***



This is the only distance service that I offer.

A form of erotic sexual denial or orgasm denial whereby a person is prevented from access to, or stimulation of, their genitals, save at the whim or choice of their partner, usually by means of a device (called a chastity belt or sometimes for men a cock cage) that prevents contact and is controlled by means of a lock by the partner.




Online Sessions are available via Email / Phone if you are unable to serve me in person. These sessions must be paid for upfront via bank transfer before any tasks are set.

This service can be arranged to make sure that if your unable to stop by but still want a Mistress in your life then you can still have one although this is not anywhere near the same as being in front of your Mistress it will still allow you to serve me and be the good little boy I know you want to be.

While there is no sexual intercourse I may allow you masturbate at the end of a session if this is something that I feel will enhance your experience but only if I feel this way


Good pain and bad pain are terms used lightheartedly by BDSM practitioners, signifying that whilst BDSM may include an element (often quite pronounced) consensual pain, there is a purpose to it, and some pain is consented to and accepted whilst other pain is not. “Bad pain” is pain which is outside hard limits, non-mutual or non-valued, not wished for, and of limited or no value in this context.

Good pain and bad pain refer to pleasant vs. unpleasant pain. As a “vanilla” example, imagine soreness after a good workout at the gym versus the pain of breaking a leg. Author Jay Wiseman suggests a correlation between perception of “bad pain” during BDSM play and subsequent injury.





Animal transformation fantasy:

Fantasy in which the focus is on the sub entering the altered mindspace of a different species, often a dog, cat, or horse.

Age play:

Usually referring to daddy/daughter or mommy/baby role play. Does not usually include or imply aspects of incest, but rather the nurturing relationship of parent/child or teacher/student.

Animal Play:

The sub acts or dresses like an animal (puppy, cat, pony, cow, etc.).


A relationship in which protocols are in place continuously & or Live In Submissive or Dominant

Black sheet party:

An orgy for people into BDSM sex

Being Bottom:

One who receives physical sensation from a top in a scene; the one-done-to rather than the do-er.

Fire play:

Using fire as an implement of BDSM. This can mean blowing the heat of a light torch onto a bottom, lighting pools of fuel on the bottom’s skin, lighting flash cotton on the bottom, and other creative uses of heat. Cupping is usually considered an offshoot of fireplay, although in sensation it’s closer to the use of clips and clamps. Usually considered edge play.


A subgenre based upon the rituals and practices created within the world of Gor in the erotic novels by John Norman. Gorean culture is based on stereotypical gender-based roles which is considered by many to be in conflict with BDSM, where there is freedom for either gender to act in any role (Male/Female as either Dom/sub or Top/bottom).


The practice of including actual (or simulated) firearms into a scene.

Handkerchief codes:

Visible signs to indicate to others your area of BDSM interest; a color worn on the left indicates a top, on the right indicates a bottom.


Parent/child or parent/baby role playing.

K-9 or animal roleplay: 

Where a submissive acts like a dog or other animal

Knife play:

Slow, methodical sensation of the bottom with the edges and points of knives, usually without cutting the skin. Fear of the weapon plays a large part in the stimulus of the bottom.


I do not leave lasting marking or scarring. Any abrasive interaction is consensual however I aim to not cause any open wounding. Spanking has been known to leave welts by consent and these usually disappear in a few hours however they can sometimes leave bruises dependant on how delicate your skin is.


Receiving pain for sensual/sexual pleasure

Nose torture:

A traditionally Japanese form of BDSM often involving nose hooks.


Recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors generally involving non-human objects, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner, children, and non-consenting persons.

Ponygirl or Ponyboy:

Sub is dressed in a pony outfit, with mouth bit and anal plug with a tail. They are told to prance or behave like a pony.


Sub is made to act like a puppy. Sub barks, whines, eats from a bowl, etc. Such play is sexual, but also focuses on the altered mind-space of bottom/pup and the complete dominance of his/her Trainer/Master.
Racial Degredation: The pleasure in humiliating black, white, brown and other shades of person due to the particular shade or tone of skin, hair, eye colour or facial features.

Rape fantasy, ravishment:

The pleasurable fantasy of inflicting or being a victim to an act of consensual play-rape.

Religious or Racial Degredation or Race Play:

The pleasure in humiliating people of any religion or specific race simply for religious or racial disharmonic purposes.

Scat play:

Feces play.


A physical condition, often with cold- or flu-like symptoms, experienced by a submissive after an intense session of BDSM play. This can last for as long as a week, and is best prevented by aftercare immediately after the session.


Someone who likes being both top and bottom, either in one scene or on different occasions.

Taken in hand:

24/7 Male dominance in monogamous marriage, with or without BDSM aspects.

Topping from the bottom:

A bottom who purports to be a submissive but who nonetheless wants to direct the top. Not to be confused with mature negotiation.

 TPE or Total power exchange:

a relationship where the dominant or owner has complete authority and influence over the submissive’s life, making the majority of decisions.


Feel free to ask for any services that you particularly enjoy that are not listed here that

are legal as I may by now offer these also. I’m always happy to learn and explore the

BDSM scene and am aware that there are new practises appearing all the time.